Different Types of Bikini Waxing – What’s Best for You?

We all want to feel comfortable and our best at all times. It is what gives us confidence, even when we don’t feel like facing the world. To be able to reach this new level of confidence, us girls decide to do this by either booking an appointment with somewhere like Semper Laser Miami or by getting a wax in order to feel empowered, pretty, and sexy, and when we have removed any unwanted hair, this is definitely something that can be achieved.

We all have different preferences with our bodies and how much hair we would like to have down there, so I thought I would do a little post to show you what your options are.


This is an obvious one where you can leave your pubic hair untouched and live with the all-natural look. Lots of people are finding this the more attractive choice because it is less upkeep, not itchy when it starts to grow back, and many people realise that the hair is there for a reason and want to protect their body from infection and toxins that could be entering if they shaved off all their hair. Woman are claiming back their own bodies and rights to keep hair on their bodies without having the pressure of feeling like they need to shave it off in order to feel sexy and desirable, which is completely not true, and we should feel comfortable doing whatever we want with our own bodies.

Bikini Line

This is the next step from keeping it natural and is normally the first thing people do when they are starting to shave their bikini area. This is a simple wax because it is a simple line from where your bikini or underwear would normally be, so you are not showing hair from underneath your bottom garments. This is a popular wax because most people are too afraid to wax their entire area but still want to tidy up and feel better about themselves. In fact, just to look well-groomed, many individuals seek hair removal tips and after doing thorough research, decide whether to go for waxing or not.


This is a common type of wax where people get rid of all the hair on their body and have completely soft skin. Lots of women feel cleaner more comfortable and most importantly sexier when they have a completely shaved private area. This is not for all women but if this is how you feel the most comfortable then it could be the perfect choice. The only thing you may get with this form of wax is that it can be itchy all over when it starts to grow back but if you moisturize and clean your skin it should look and feel great in the long run. Alternatively, interested ladies can also undergo complete laser hair removal at Gifted Medspa in Cary, NC, or similar establishments in your vicinity and never have to worry about the cycle of shaving again.


Now come to the waxes that remove most of the hair from your private area and make it more styled and designed. A French wax is where they shave most of the hair except an oblong shape just above the vagina, which is low enough to hide underneath a bikini or underwear but still shows a little element of your womanhood. Some people prefer this because it gives them a bit of style and makes them feel empowered because they are controlling the amount of hair that is on their body.


This is similar to the French wax because it is in the same place as the French wax, but it is more of a triangular shape. This is a very popular wax because it has the same shaping of the way the body naturally goes but again it tidies up your pubic hair and makes you feel cleaner and more comfortable. Women who find this type of waxing painful can always opt for Brazilian laser hair removal (search online for “laser hair removal near me” to find med spas that provide these treatments), which tends to be a painless and permanent alternative to having to endure this pain every month. I think many women like this style because it makes them feel like a strong and confident woman, as well as remaining sophisticated by keeping a little bit of hair on their body, plus, it can also look great if done well!

To conclude, women have complete control over what they want to do with their bodies, keep their hair or shaving their hair it is all personal choice and people should not feel forced to do it a certain way based on what their partner or society thinks. The great thing is all of these forms of waxing are pretty popular so many women are now feeling more confident and owning their choices from the get go, which is fantastic!

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